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Mazarrón is a municipality in the autonomous community and province of Murcia, southeastern Spain. The municipality has an area of 318.7 square kilometres (123.1 sq mi), and a population (2008) of more than 34,351 inhabitants.

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Lorca was formed around the Guadalentín river (in Arabic “mud river”) in a quiet and arid valley. In fact, agriculture heavily depends on water transferred from the Tagus river in Central Spain. Irrigation channels were laid out all over the country by the Moors during the Middle Ages.

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Murcia is mainly a services city and a university town, frequently forgotten by visitors despite having some outstanding monuments (like its famous Cathedral), its renowned local cuisine, the Holy Week Processions and the nativity scene in Christmas (with figures from the famous Murcia’s sculptor Francisco Salzillo.

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Camposol, when translated from Spanish meaning Countryside Sun and known locally as El Saladillio Located just 12 minutes from the beaches of Puerto de Mazarron. The development has everything to offer the many people who have chosen to make this their permanent home and the frequent holiday visitors.

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Despite the intense mining, tourism and industrial exploitations, that it has endured for centuries, the territory around Cartagena city still hosts an extraordinary natural wealth and diversity, with a high degree of botanical endemic species. Parts of its domain are protected under different environmental protection laws.

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A municipality of the Region of Murcia province in Spain. The climate is extremely temperate, averaging 18.8°C. Reaching an average high of 30°C during the 100 or so days of summer and sometimes being as low as 6°C. in January. The average annual rainfall 321 mm. with prolonged dry periods.

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Aguilas is a municipality and seaport of southeastern Spain, in the province of Murcia. It is situated at the southern end of Murcia’s Mediterranean coastline, otherwise known as the Costa Cálida, near the border with the Province of Almería. Its population in 2005 was 31,218.

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